International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

I come back to Heathfield for many reasons. But there is one that is very big: I enjoy reuniting with friends from previous years and meeting new girls.  Each time I have returned I appreciate the friendly atmosphere among new and old students.

Maia, 15, Estonia, 5th year

I like the lessons that I had. I could learn lots of things and made lots of friends. The staff there are all very kind and helpful.

Eva, 13, China, 1st year

I love the trips you organise… especially the trip to Coral Reef. Plus I really enjoyed the trip to Oxford.

Cecilia, 10, Italy, 1st year

Thank you for giving us so many valuable experiences. I love Heathfield Summer School.

Yumeka, 13, Japan, 3rd year


What the Girls Say!

At the end of their first week we give all girls questionnaires to help us to know how they are enjoying the course and to see what we can do to help. At the end of their visit we ask them to tell us about different aspects of their whole stay to help us make Heathfield even better. Here are some of the responses from girls of different ages and different countries and including both new girls and returners.

Heathfield is a very good summer school because I made friends from other nationalities and spoke English with them all the time. The activities in classes and houses are great because you can just speak in English.

Laia, Austria/Spain, 14, 1st year

I think Heathfield is one of the best places to make friends from round the world and the staff are so friendly.

Defne, 12, Turkey, 2nd year

Our project class this year was perfect as we got a choice on what to do so we could challenge ourselves. As it was preparing something for the website, it will be good experience for the future.

Cloe, 17, Germany, 5th year

I like everything in my main class, my project class and at Heathfield.

Matylda, 10, Poland, 1st year

I loved Portsmouth, Runnymede & Salisbury as they were all new to me and there were lots of sights to see.

Dasha, 15, Russia, 6th year

I love Heathfield because there are lots of choices for the activities, the staff are very nice and I made lots of friends here. I liked cookery best because the food is very yummy and tennis coaching too because I love tennis and the coach is very nice.

Victoire, 12, France, 1st year

My arrival was great. I was really looked after properly by everyone.

Vanessa, 12, Hong Kong, 1st year

I like Heathfield because it is safe, my English keeps improving and I like the teachers and my friends.

Leen, 13, Jordan, 4th year

I love the discos, cookery, my room and my teachers.

Eva, 9, Russia, 2nd year

I liked art best. It was fun to just relax and let creativity take over.

Matilda, 14, Sweden, 1st year

I found a lot of new friends there. I love them. They’re funny and always will help you. Every day was the best day.

Julia, 13, Ukraine, 1st year

There is nothing I don’t like. Class is great. I like to learn about these interesting things and spend time doing group work.

Isabella, 11, China, 1st year

Every day was interesting and each day I learned something new.

Camilla, 15, Italy, 2nd year

My best times at Heathfield? With friends… but all of it.

Nicole, 15, Denmark, 2nd year

I liked London because it is very beautiful and I loved the shopping.

Raquel, 11, Mexico, 1st year

It’s all amazing!

Nuha, 15, Saudi Arabia, 1st year

Activities and trips are cool and varied. If you don’t want to do something, you can do another activity. It’s fun.

Ambre, 16, France, 1st year

I liked the trip to Brighton very much because I was really impressed by the Royal Pavilion.

Soffiia, 14, Ukraine, 1st year

The project classes are fantastic. We can learn new things while getting to know our classmates better. Plus our teacher knows how to motivate us.

Elizabeth, 15, France, 3rd year

The best activities were hockey, football and swimming plus making beauty products and the discos.

Mariko, 14, Japan, 1st year

When I arrived at Heathfield there were a lot of very nice girls who helped me get organised and know where everything is.

Sara, 10, Italy, 1st year

I really liked both my teachers and the girls were really nice. I made very close friends here. I really don’t want to go home. Heathfield is such a pretty school.

Julia Kirsche, 14, Germany, 1st year

I like badminton and my tennis lessons – because the coach is very good. I learned to play hockey and I like it when we do House competitions because it’s very cool.

Zaina, 12, Saudi Arabia, 1st year

My favourite activities were kayaking and archery and I liked all the trips!

Ines, 12, Spain, 4th year

In Heathfield I really progressed in English. I LOVE the teachers.

Caterina, 10, France, 1st year

Thank you so much for making my holidays so interesting.

Milana, 16, Russia, 2nd year

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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