International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls


What the Girls from 2019 Say!

It was a very special and cool summer.

Ludivine, 14, Ivory Coast

This is the fourth year here at Heathfield and obviously I love this Summer School very much.

Matilde, 11, Italy

I love Heathfield. It’s always my favourite part of my holidays!

Ines, 13, France

Feeling at Home and Making New Friends:

The staff were kind because when I cried when I missed my mum they gave me hope and helped me cheer up.

Seoyoon, 10, South Korea

My arrival at Heathfield was very satisfactory. The staff who brought me to my room were very nice and I could directly do activities and make friends. They staff looked after me properly. My room was clean and comfortable. At the beginning I didn’t want to come here but I had an amazing time. I will not, I think, forget these two weeks. I am really happy to come here and, I don’t know, but maybe next year I could come back to Heathfield!

Diane, 14, France

I love Heathfield. The teachers and assistants are very nice and friendly. I don’t want to go home but I must! Next year I want to come back.

Olivia, 12, Germany

I came back because last year I had a lot of fun meeting new people.

Matilde, 16, Italy

I’m so happy because I’m here. I can’t explain how much I’m so lucky to be here and I appreciate what they do for us. I want to say thank you for everything and I want to say to all the staff “good job” as they work so hard for us.

May, 17, Saudi Arabia

Lessons and Staff:

I really enjoyed the way our teachers organised the lessons – interesting topics and always perfectly prepared.

Nina, 14, Poland

Heathfield is a very nice place. The staff and classmates are all very friendly. The lessons are immensely fun-filled and the food is also divine.

Alicia Grace, 10, Hong Kong

I will remember these lessons forever.

Elina, 15, Russia

When I arrived at Heathfield all the staff took care of me and they were very nice. The teachers and lessons are super good. It’s very easy to make friends if you try hard to talk English.

Maria, 11, Spain

I really enjoyed these two weeks because I made new friends, I learnt something new at school, the food was very good and the teachers were so kind. Thank you!

Ottavia, 13, Italy

Trips and Activities:

The trips were so great. I learnt a lot of culture about England and I bought a lot of gifts for my friends and parents.

Minnie, 12, China

I enjoy the trips because we learn things about another country and I love the shopping time.

Allegra, 13, Monaco

I enjoyed the trips, especially the trip to London. I also enjoyed archery, music, making bracelets and sports. The teachers and staff were very kind so I liked them. There were many kinds of activities so I had fun.

Ayaka, 15, Japan

Spinning was so much fun and the playlist was very cool.

Ludmila, 13, France

I loved dance because I spent time dancing with a professional. It’s a dream.

Teresa, 12, Spain

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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