International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

I like Heathfield because it is safe, my English keeps improving and I like the teachers and my friends.

Leen, 13, Jordan

When she was ill, we really appreciated the care that our daughter received from the nurse. This is a great relief for worried parents to know that their child is in safe hands.



Welfare, Supervision and Safeguarding

Welfare and supervision are of the highest importance at Heathfield: your daughter’s safety, comfort and well-being are a priority. In addition to a staff to student ratio of 1:6, we have a dedicated team of pastoral staff led by a Senior Housemother from the main school staff and a Lead Nurse with many years of experience working in schools.

One of the strengths of Heathfield is that some former students go on to become Helpers, and the very best even join our staff team when they are older. These young women have a special understanding of our courses and greet the girls, help them to settle in and keep an eye on all our boarders throughout their stay. They also act as Monitors on duty in the building and grounds to help guide the girls and supervise break and meal times.

All girls are told to whom they should talk if they have a question or a problem and one of our senior members of staff is in charge of student liaison. To give girls the chance to discuss issues and ideas and help us make our courses better for everyone, she holds open Chat Room sessions and focus groups with students.

Inset with the Nurse

Medical Care

Heathfield has a surgery and sick bay area where one of our nurses is always on duty. The school is also registered with a local doctors’ practice. There is an Urgent Care Centre only two miles away and there are three major hospitals in the surrounding area, one of which has a paediatric emergency department.

Security And Supervision

The school grounds are fully enclosed and gated. All doors to the school open with electronic cards which staff and girls wear on lanyards round their necks. Staff, Helpers and students have different coloured lanyards. Visitors must also wear ID at all times.

No girl may leave the school without a member of staff. Our overall supervision ratio on school trips is at least 1:10. Girls aged 12 and over may, with parental permission, spend a small part of each trip with a group of friends in a designated area. Girls of 11 and under are accompanied by members of staff at all times.

In school, each afternoon and evening activity has an appropriate ratio of staff to students based on risk assessments and best practice. Girls are registered in the day and in the evening before bed. There are, however, limited periods of time during the day where girls have free time (such as during break time and after meals) and in these periods students are not always under the direct supervision of staff. It is, however, made clear to them in which areas they are allowed to spend their free time. Monitors and Helpers patrol the school grounds and are easily accessible if girls need them.

All girls know where the office, staff room and surgery are located and are able to get a staff member at any point of the day or night. Regular fire practices are held to ensure girls know how to exit the buildings during the day and from their rooms at night.


Heathfield staff have been recruited according to the UK Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education procedures. This means they have undergone UK or overseas vetting checks to show they have no criminal record, have completed a thorough selection process and provided two written and verbal references.

All staff receive Safeguarding training which includes Child Protection. The Director, Helen Madaras, and her Deputy and Assistant Directors, Tracey Scott and Chris Green, are the Designated Safeguarding Leads.

To read the full Safeguarding Policy please follow this link

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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