International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

I like Heathfield because I can make new friends and study English and write my diary.  I can’t speak Italian here, just English.

Mariana, 12, Italy

The project classes are fantastic. We can learn new things while getting to know our classmates better. Plus our teacher knows how to motivate us.

Elizabeth, 15, France


How You Learn at Heathfield


We want you to learn as much English as possible during your stay with us so it is very important that you are placed in the right class. To do this, your English level (spoken and written) will be assessed by the teachers so that we can see which level class will be best for you. We have levels for all students and for juniors and seniors. The assessments are done on Sunday and on Monday morning you will join your new class. Joe, the Director of Studies, is in charge of the classes and he is helped by Patricia, the Assistant Director of Studies.

Your Group

Your group will have a mix of girls from different countries. The Director and Assistant Director of Studies will decide on the ideal group for you based on your age, mother tongue and, above all, your level of communicative ability in English. Each class has a name and there is a maximum number of 16 girls in each class. Many of your trips will be with this group.

Your Main Lessons

In these lessons you will practise reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will learn new grammar and vocabulary in many different ways, such as playing games, singing songs and doing drama. Some of this may be new to you but it will help you to learn, use and have fun with your English. You will also do work in class to prepare you for your afternoon activities and to help you to get the most from your visits to the places of interest on school trips.

Your Project Lessons

Three mornings a week your group will have a project lesson with a different teacher. In these lessons you will produce some written or spoken work on a project such as a class newspaper, a song or theatrical performance, poetry or a presentation on the environment or some other topic that interests you. The idea of the project class is to do a lot of discussion – listening to others, telling them your ideas and working together to produce something interesting.

Here is an example class timetable for one week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
09:00 – 10:40 Main Lesson Main Lesson Main Lesson All Day Trip Main Lesson Main Lesson
Break Break Break Break Break
11:15 – 11;30 Main Lesson Main Lesson Main Lesson Main Lesson Main Lesson
11:30 – 12:45 Project Group Project Group Project Group

Your Heathfield Diary

You will keep a Course Diary about your stay in England. Your teacher will take this in and correct it for you each week in order to help you to improve your written English. Every week your teacher will award a certificate for the best two diaries in your group and you can even win a prize for the best diary in the school! The diary will make a lovely souvenir of your experiences here at Heathfield and is yours to take home and show your parents.


Your teachers at Heathfield are always there to help. Remember, you can always ask your teacher if you have any questions or if you have not understood something. You should also talk to your teacher if you find your class too easy or too difficult.

Self-Study or Homework

On some days your teacher will give you work to do outside class time. This might, for example, be reading, writing your course diary or preparing a presentation.

English in Activities

REMEMBER! Learning English doesn’t only happen in lessons! Outside the classroom is where you will have the opportunity to use all of the English that you have been working on. There will be special activities such as Speak Dating, the Big Conversation, the Model UN and lots of drama, shows and festivals but ALL your activities aim to make sure you have fun and speak English. So please try hard to speak English everywhere – in the dining room (where you will eat lunch with your class), during activities in the cookery room, the art room and on the sports fields. This way, you will improve your English, make more friends and mix with the British Summer Campers more easily.

English and Library Clubs

During some afternoons teachers will hold an English Club where you can go with any questions or problems or to look at some new work for your level. You can also do your homework here.

In the Library Club you can join a teacher who will help you choose books or join a small reading group.

English at Home

Your teachers will talk to you about carrying on studying when you go home and there will be recommendations in your end-of-course reports. Heathfield will also give you a list of good websites and other resources and ideas to help you.

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
For further information please email nqzvffvbaf@urngusvryqfpubby.arg or visit the website HERE.