International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

Lessons were very good and fun. The level was very suitable and I got to learn a lot of new things. Project lessons were special.

Venus, 14, Hong Kong

I like the English lessons very much and they are never boring. I was amazed to hear we were going to make a film. We never do anything like that in our school and it is so interesting. We talk about history and different  topics and it is also so interesting to visit some historical places in England.

Arpine, 16, Armenia


Teaching and Lessons

Lessons take place lessons five mornings a week: 15 hours of tuition divided into 20 lessons. We have classes with students of all levels of English from beginner to advanced. Teaching at Heathfield has an emphasis on communication and meaningful language use. Lessons also cover work on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary as well as reading, writing and listening skills.

Teachers use authentic material from and about life in Britain, including extracts from films and songs, and as every classroom has an interactive Smart Board, there is effective use of the internet in lessons. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. Many spend most of the year abroad, teaching English in various countries around the world, but some work in schools and colleges in the UK.

Classes are sorted by age and level of English. Beginners start the course with “survival” language, for example using money and counting, and the levels rise through elementary and lower intermediate to intermediate where students can talk and write with ease. Girls work in mixed nationality groups and pairs, with a maximum of 16 students in a class. All students can practise their English in such afternoon and evening activities as drama workshops, Speak Dating and the Big Conversation.

Library Discussion GroupThe upper intermediate and advanced level girls are encouraged to expand their range of language by studying literature, looking at English in different contexts (such as science and history) and, for the older girls, by engaging in serious discussion and debate, such as the Model United Nations or joining a library discussion group. Students also work in the IT suite.

Project Classes are held three times each week. The girls co-operate on a motivating and interesting project which draws on all their linguistic resources. Recently they have made photo stories, given poetry and drama performances, written holiday brochures and produced a Heathfield magazine. The advanced group’s project appears on our website each summer.

Trips are an important part of the education programme and teachers spend time giving information about the places we visit, such as a museum or a historical town, so students learn more about British history and culture. The girls have a focused activity for the trip which is then followed up in class. The girls write about their trips and other activities in their Course Diaries – which they bring home for parents to read.

Class reports and certificates of attendance are given to all leavers.

Pre-Boarding School – We also offer support for girls entering Heathfield or other schools and can administer tests and provide reports. Please enquire for details.

Further details for students can be found on the How You Learn at Heathfield page.

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as boarders and day-boarders from age 11 to 18.
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