International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls



Taking part in Shows in our beautiful Performing Arts Centre is a highlight for many girls. Shows mean girls of all ages from Britain and around the world work together and have fun, leading to great international friendships. We make our own props, costumes and sets as well as computer images to be projected on to the wall as a backdrop. What Heathfield girls can achieve in a few hours is just extraordinary!

In the evenings and at week-ends girls take part in shows such as the Dance and Fashion Show, the House Drama Competition and our own ‘Heathfield Talent’ Show. This is where we enjoy watching not only the dancers and the musicians playing their specialist instrument or singing, but see the talents of girls with unusual skills – recently we have had a rhythmic gymnast, a comic and a juggler. The International Show gives our girls a chance to showcase their home countries through presentations, drama, dance and song.

On the final Friday evening of the course, before the farewell disco, there is the very popular Staff Show based on life at Heathfield transported into a popular film world! Recent highlights have included ‘Frozen Heathfield’ and ‘Heathfield School Musical’.

My favourite activities were the House Quiz competition because I love guessing and the Talent Show which was so great.

Clara, 13, Argentina

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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