International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls


Why We Love Heathfield by Summer Campers

We asked two Summer Campers to tell us why they keep coming back to Heathfield.

Millie and friends

Heathfield Summer Camp is the highlight of my year! I have thoroughly enjoyed attending Heathfield for the last nine years. I always look forward to meeting my returning friends and making new ones too. The variety of activities and the atmosphere are incredible. Each day brings new excitement and fun to the whole experience. One of the many great events is the weekly showcase of talent ranging from floristry to acting.

Millie, 15

Both my elder sisters had been going to Heathfield for a couple of years and I had always heard enthusiastic stories about Summer Camp so naturally I was very enthusiastic to try it out as well. I loved the camp from day one and felt very sad that I could only stay one week the first time! Luckily last year I could stay for two weeks. I’ve made some lovely friends and we all keep in touch with each other in the hope that we’ll be there at the same time next year. I really look forward to my next visit.

Elena 13

Elena and friends

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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