International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls


2022 – What will we be doing this summer?

This summer we are celebrating our course theme


Our students and staff this summer come from or live in almost 30 different countries. Every year girls tell us, ‘I made so many friends from around the world,’ and we want you to make friends with girls from Great Britain and lots of different countries. Speaking English is bringing us together

So to celebrate four different parts of the world where English is widely spoken, our four Houses will be named after Africa, America, Australia and India. This will give plenty of wonderful opportunities for music, dance, drama and art and make great Festivals which we hold each fortnight.

Our four Summer School teaching weeks will be inspired by England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales so that you will learn about these countries as well.

Heathfield loves dance, music and drama and as well as the fun of cheerleading  and you will also have the chance to try traditional American Folk Dancing.  But we also offer calmer activities from yoga, massage and creative writing to singing in a choir.

Heathfield’s many performances showcase star pianists, singers, jazz and ballet dancers, rappers, gymnasts and much more while in the International Show we will share your countries and cultures.

Everyone can be creative!  Our team offer so many different arts and crafts– such as fashion design, textiles, jewellery-making, drawing and painting.   Cookery is another favourite activity  We are lucky to have a professional cake maker giving you expert tuition and helping you make great creations.

If you enjoy sports, you might try rounders, cricket, tag rugby, frisbee and archery as well as soccer, volleyball, tennis, badminton and basketball.   We also play very popular wide games across the whole sports field: Capture the Flag or the watery Crocodile Egg Hunt with balloons filled with water are great fun.   We have regular sports tournaments and the swimming pool is very popular; students can try aqua aerobics and water volleyball.   The older seniors also have use of the Fitness Suite and Spin Bikes. The little ones sometimes just love crazy games!

There are so many opportunities to meet different girls form around the world and get to know them- try The Big Conversation and Speak Dating – swapping bits of language with girls from other countries.  The oldest girls will enjoy the challenge of a Model United Nations and the new Culture Clubs on film and art and literature. English Club and Library Club will again be open to everyone.


Our older girls aged 14 plus enjoy English with Style packed with debates and discussions and interesting workshops on health & beauty, cookery, education, design & style, British culture and life skills for the 21st century young woman. From fitness to  practical team-building exercises and  formal party food – all cooked by the girls – there is something for everyone.

On the final Friday afternoon we have a big afternoon event. This will be followed by the ever-popular Staff Show and disco party in the evening to say a big farewell after four weeks of fun!

Come and enjoy yourself, try new activities, learn new skills and make good friends.

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
For further information please email nqzvffvbaf@urngusvryqfpubby.arg or visit the website HERE.