International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls


2019 – What will we be doing this summer?

It’s 2019 and Heathfield School is marking its 120th anniversary. So we have called in, Alex, one of our former Summer Campers, who is part of The Majorettes, a world-record winning fabulous hula-hooping group (pictured above) to celebrate! They will give us a display and then do workshops.

Building on our Friendship without Borders motto, our theme this year will be One World as we celebrate all the things that bring us together. With One World we’re also going to explore how we can be global citizens and find unity through diversity … a theme that you, as girls from all over the world, are in a perfect position to discover.

As saving the planet is something that is on everyone’s minds now more than ever before, our Houses this year are going to be Earth, Air, Fire and Water for our house competitions and shows as well as our fortnightly festivals. After all, there’s no plan(et) B!

‘We like to move it move it!’

Dance, drama and all things active are a huge part of Heathfield life. For the first time, this year we have a spinning teacher and activities such as a British Barn Dance! For those who aren’t so keen on high energy activities, however, relaxing activities like yoga and hair and beauty are also on offer.

‘Express yourself!’

This year Heathfield can boast three qualified fashion designers on its staff and they, plus the rest of the fabulous art department, will give you the chance to do all sorts of art, paper craft, design, floristry and photography too.

Creativity doesn’t just happen in the art room though! You’ll be making delicious treats in the cookery suite and showing off your musical talent in the theatre. And look forward to our new lip-synching competition!

‘Take me out to the ball game!’

There’s something for everyone when it comes to sports … from the classics (football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton and rounders) to trying lacrosse, the sport main school girls play at Heathfield. And we will have some funky new activities including the latest fitness crazes.

The Heathfield favourites of Capture the Flag and the Crocodile Egg Hunt will also be there and the pool fun doesn’t stop at swimming … water volleyball and aqua aerobics are just a few of the things you’ll be able to try.

‘Lots of brains, lots of talent!’

Our Summer Campers will have two Show days for their songs, drama and dance routines. Heathfield’s annual talent show will of course be back this year and lots of house competitions will help you win points for your house and show off what you can do.
The International Show will give you a chance to teach all the other girls about your country and its culture and will be amazing fun as always.

For the older girls, the Big Conversation debate club is back and there’ll be a new Culture Club to discuss art, music and literature. The ever-popular Library Club will also be available for everyone.

‘Style style!’

Summer School and Overseas Summer Camp girls over 14-years-old can take part in English with Style, a week-long course full of opportunities to really push themselves when it comes to their English and learn about British culture and life skills for young women of the modern age! Party planning, style and beauty as well as literature and theatre are just some of the things in which they’ll get to be immersed!

‘So long, farewell!’

On the final Friday evening the ever-uproarious Staff Show and disco party will be our chance to say goodbye to each other after four fantastic weeks together!

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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