International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

I loved doing the festivals – and I love the tuck shop!

Emily, 11


Festival Summers

In 2014 we began Festival Summers. Our Houses were named after four famous festivals: ‘Glastonbury’, ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Proms’ and ‘Woodstock’. Since then, every fortnight two Houses share a festival afternoon and all the Summer School and Summer Camp girls participate. Over the years Festivals have celebrated our course themes and Houses, including the countries of the United Kingdom, English-speaking countries round the world, inspirational women and, most recently, the elements, as part of our One World summer.

We decorate the main field, the theatre and hall and the staff lead a range of different arts, crafts, drama, dance, music and cultural events, workshops and performances. Sports competitions are played and special photography sessions are arranged. The atmosphere at each festival is tremendous and many new friendships are made.

The girls have enjoyed activities such as drumming in the park, reciting poetry, Irish dancing, outdoor yoga, reggae music, story-telling, face painting, Gaelic football, pavement art, making Scotch pancakes and Welsh cakes and posing for photos with special backdrops. Girls from almost 40 countries trying maypole dancing, watching an English dressage display or joining in a whole school performance of traditional British songs are examples of a very special Heathfield experience.

drumming inset 3

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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