International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

It is quite apparent that Heathfield is an extraordinary place, especially considering the large number of staff and girls who return year after year, acting like an extended family. After so many years working here it feels like my second home.


My first summer at Heathfield could not have been a better experience. From the moment I arrived I felt very welcome and quickly saw that Heathfield is a wonderful place to be – for staff and students alike.


The Heathfield family feeling clearly rubs off on the girls we’re looking after and is one of the reasons why so many return to Heathfield each summer.



What the Staff Say!

We asked a range of staff to tell us why they like Heathfield and what makes it special for them and for our students.

I have been a member of staff at Heathfield Summer Camp for over five years and every summer I am in awe at the incredible variety of enriching experiences that are offered along with the hard work of the staff to ensure all the girls enjoy a fantastic time. What makes Heathfield unique is the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere as well the firm friendships that are formed between girls from all over the world!


Heathfield and everyone involved are more than a summer job – they’re like a family.


Since it finished last summer I have kept thinking about Heathfield. I’ve not experienced anything comparable to it anywhere else I have worked. It was a terrific way to spend the summer.


I love working and being at Heathfield  because it is exactly the type of place where I would have loved to spend my summers. Staying with your friends and doing art, dance, sports and shows – it’s great fun! The staff and girls do lots of interesting and creative activities which change each year. Heathfield is a beautiful school and the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. I really enjoy getting to know people from different places and trying out new things. My absolute favourite part of the experience is the international show- it’s always so exciting and different!


I joined Heathfield as an activities staff member in 2005 as I was impressed by the enormous range of activities and the no-expense spared attitude to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the girls. Having worked at another summer school where student happiness and security were apparently of little concern to the management, this caring attitude was something I particularly sought at Heathfield. As a very sporty and arty person, I realised very quickly that working at Heathfield was the best way to spend the summer!


I worked in main school and had a sneak  peek at the summer courses and thought they were brilliant and fun for the students and also the staff.   The friendships which make girls and staff come back are so important and they become part of our lives.  I am a programmer now and I only have 21 days holiday in my ‘real’  job  and the fact I have taken 15 of them each summer to come back to Heathfield says it all.


The staff provide a home away from home and put on a fantastic variety of activities to help the girls not only have fun, but make friends –  just as the staff do.  I have had great support from the senior team and made many friendships with other members of staff throughout the years.


My experience at Heathfield has been extremely enjoyable and I was lucky enough to return for five  years in a row.  Working within the office team meant that I was at the core of the course and it gave me an insight into how well everything is run by the senior team.  My roles gave me great work experience and had a positive impact on my CV and personal development. When I first joined the Summer School team I was warmly welcomed and I would look forward to it every year. I have made many friends from my time working at Heathfield and will be back to visit this year!


Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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