International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

When I arrived at Heathfield there were a lot of very nice girls who helped me get organised and know where everything is.

Sara, 10


Your First Day at Heathfield

Dear Students,

My name is Marlene and I have been coming to Heathfield for many years, first of all as a young teenage student. When I was 18, I became a Student Assistant at Heathfield and started a university degree in English and American Studies. I have now been a member of staff for several years. One of my main jobs is to meet new girls on Saturdays and make sure you all feel welcome. I know girls worry about what will happen when they arrive but I hope this letter will make you feel more confident. Here is a photo of some of the young staff in the welcome team and below there are some photos we took of Reception and arrivals day activities.

inset in reception


The very friendly Heathfield drivers and staff will bring you from the airport or you will arrive with your family. You will come into Reception where we will all make you welcome. We give you your student ID and an information pack and make sure your suitcase is taken to your bedroom.


Then you will meet the Registrar and she will take your pocket money to put in the bank and take your passport or ID card and tickets to be kept safely until you return. You will also have your photo taken for security reasons so staff have a photo of every girl.

Looking Round

One of us will take you (and your family if they come too) to see your bedroom and we will show you the nearest bathrooms also. Then you will have a tour round the main part of the school and if you need to ring home you can have a free call from the office when we go there.


Every Saturday has a full activity programme which you join in as soon as you can. On the very first Saturday staff will do art, crafts and sports during the day and drama games we call ‘Getting to Know You’ games in the evening. On later Saturdays you will join other new students and the students already in school with the day’s activity which might be a Drama Festival or International Show. There are lots of people all around the school to help you to join in so keep busy and have fun. Please always ask someone if you need help, have a question or just feel a little homesick.


Sunday Orientation

On Sunday morning the Directors welcome new girls and we all help them to explain the rules and other important information by putting on some little shows – they are good fun! Afterwards we show you what to do if the fire alarm rings which is very important. Finally, we give everyone a detailed tour of the school and show you where everything is and how things work at Heathfield.

I look forward to seeing you in the summer,

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
For further information please email nqzvffvbaf@urngusvryqfpubby.arg or visit the website HERE.