International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

At first I didn’t know a lot about English with Style but once you do it it’s amazing!

I loved the challenge of EWS! It was excellent.

When I found out I could do English with Style it made my day. Thank you!

Doing EWS has meant so much to me. I learnt so much about confidence and self-belief and the difference that we, as young women, can make in the world. It was so cool being on the more grown-up course and getting treated accordingly.


What the Girls Say!

Below you can see what the English with Style girls from 2019 thought of their lessons, activities and trips. The comments come from girls of different nationalities and ages, some of whom were returners and some of whom were new.

Saturday Evening – Global Citizen Welcome Party

The evening was fun but also really focused on learning about British culture and I loved it.

(Ana, Spain)

Sunday – Cookery Day and Evening Canape Party

I really liked Sunday because we cooked food that was more difficult than stuff we’d done before and then the evening party was really cool.

(Eugénie, France)

Learning how to start a conversation in formal situations and doing cookery was extremely interesting.

(Zoe, Hong Kong)

Monday Afternoon – Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness was really amazing. Now I understand how it is important to relax in stressful situations and I know how to.

(Zlata, Russia)

Such a positive experience and I slept very comfortably that night!

(Rachel, Hong Kong)

Monday Evening – Theatre trip

The Mousetrap was amazing!

(Ines, Germany)

Going to the play was an amazing experience and so helpful discussing it before we went.

(Lana, Saudi Arabia)

Tuesday Afternoon – designing and decorating T-shirts

It was a really creative afternoon and designing t-shirts was so interesting.

(Chloe, Hong Kong)

Wednesday – Leadership Workshop with Two Professional Training Consultants

We learned how to truly work together as a team and understand others as well as ourselves better. Louise and Rachel were very thoughtful and they gave us useful advice for any academic or professional situation but also for our everyday life.

(Julia, Switzerland)

Thursday – Full-day trip to London

This was excellent. The Wallace Collection was the most interesting place.

(Nadia, Russia)

I was amazed by the gallery and I loved the free time and visiting Selfridges a lot.

(Christy, Hong Kong)

Thursday Evening – Yoga and relaxation evening

5 stars – the massages were incredible!

(Clelia, Belgium)

I slept like a baby after!

(Carolina, Mexico)

Friday Afternoon – Space NK Facials and Light Make-up

Very, very exciting and the two Space NK women were so nice.

(Anna, Italy)

The two women were very kind and I really loved the skin care activities with them.

(Sofia, Italy)


I really liked the teacher and my classmates. Lessons were great – always very interesting and fun.

(Elisa, Italy)

The lessons were really interesting. We learnt lots of important things, had discussions and learnt to speak in front of everybody.

(Louise, France)

I loved the lessons so so much! I loved doing history and I liked looking at Margaret Atwood’s literature – I’ll read some for sure!

(Alanoud, Saudi Arabia)

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