International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

Overseas Summer Camp Timetable

Summer Camp Sample Activities Programme

Heathfield has been an incredible experience for me for the last few years of my life.  Even though my home in Canada is a few thousand miles away, I have everything I need here to feel at home.

Alexandria, 15

My daughter is quite a shy girl and all the staff make the girls feel part of the group from the first moment they arrive.

Mother of Ines, 11


Heathfield Overseas Summer Camp

For Girls aged 8 to 15

Heathfield Overseas Summer Camp offers a full boarding experience and activities programme for girls living abroad. They join our British campers for a varied range of arts, crafts, cookery, drama, dance and music and many racquet, field and water sports. In the boarding houses, girls are looked after by our school nurse and a team of pastoral staff.

Level of English

As well as welcoming British girls who live abroad, we accept a number of overseas girls at Summer Camp. If girls are not native English speakers, they need to be functionally fluent. This means they need either to have been attending a British or American school for several years, or to have lived in an English-speaking country or to have an English-speaking parent. Summer Camp is not a place to learn the language and girls are expected to be able to understand and communicate in English at the same level as native speakers. Please read the Terms and Conditions before applying for Overseas Summer Camp and if you have any doubts about your daughter’s level, do email for more information.


Airport transfers from and to Heathrow on Saturdays are included. On arrival, after the registration process, girls will be looked after by Helpers and Assistants who will show them to their rooms and give a tour of the school before taking them to join in activities. Girls are assigned to one of four Houses, designed to allow different ages and nationalities to meet, mix and make friends.

Day Programme

Heathfield’s well-qualified and experienced teachers and group leaders offer the girls a fun-packed and educational, daily programme, balancing creative, artistic and sporting skills. We have junior and senior groups whose activities vary according to girls’ ages.

Evenings and Weekend Programme

Evenings and weekends are for whole school activities with Summer School and Summer Camp girls joining together. The girls enjoy quizzes, films, Scottish or English country dancing, discos and parties as well as cultural events. They are also involved in performances in our international shows.


Overseas Summer Campers have a day trip once a week to a destination such as London, Windsor or Oxford and also a trip to a place of entertainment such as the cinema, bowling or a theme park.

English with Style

Overseas Summer Camp girls aged 14 plus are warmly invited to join English with Style which takes place in the final week of the camp. English with Style has been designed for girls to gain confidence through new experiences and includes workshops on social skills, deportment, making presentations, well-being, fashion and style and cookery. Two great trips are included.

At the theatre

English with Style girls at the theatre in London

Summer Camp Helpers

Summer Camp Helpers

Why choose Heathfield Overseas Summer Camp?

  • Girls only – a unique course where we can offer the activities and sports the girls love and where great international friendships flourish
  • A small, established course – Heathfield has over 20 years’ experience of running its own Summer Camp with a range of qualified teachers, specialist coaches and enthusiastic young activities staff
  • Boarding fun – the chance to try life in a boarding school and make friends with girls from Britain and all around the world
  • First class care and welfare – the Heathfield staff to student ratio is 1:6, a school nurse and housemothers are always on duty and safety and security are priorities
  • Helpers – former Summer Campers are part of our team; they help welcome girls and look after them throughout their stay
  • Activity and creativity – a huge range of sports and activities are available every day
  • Excellent dining room service – with a good range of hot and cold dishes, salads and puddings and break-time snacks
  • Excellent staff continuity – we get to know our girls and their families and give personal service
  • Beautiful, safe location – we have tree-lined, spacious grounds and excellent, modern facilities

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as boarders and day-boarders from age 11 to 18.
For further information please email or visit the website HERE.