International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

Boarding Camp has a great atmosphere with caring staff, fun activities and very varied, good, healthy food. I also liked meeting Summer School students and, as a resident, getting to go stargazing as well as relax with my friends in free time.

Mackenzie, 15

I liked being a resident because I can challenge myself and not stay with my mum for a week. We had so many different things to do to be busy.

Inkie, 7


Boarding and Pastoral Care

Heathfield is a boarding school throughout the year and our staff are used to offering girls from around the world a real home-from-home. We offer comfortable accommodation, and common rooms for relaxation. Detailed information on preparing for boarding at Heathfield is sent to all parents and girls before the course.

Pastoral Care

Our very experienced Senior Housemother and Senior Nurse are supported by a caring team of Pastoral Monitors and staff who together look after the welfare of the girls. There is a Home Room where girls can go and chat or ask for help if they have a problem or are feeling a little homesick and want some company.

Bedtimes are set according to the age of the girls and the staff make sure all girls are checked in and settled at night and then woken up and made ready for the course in the mornings. Our Monitor for Juniors helps the youngest girls look after themselves, checking they brush their hair, have showers and take their clothes to the laundry.

Senior Housemother Janet Liepa

Senior Housemother Janet Liepa

Lead Nurse Janet Freshwater


Most girls sleep in the main house; younger girls share bedrooms with between two and seven beds. 12 to 14 year-olds may be in singles, or two to four-bedded rooms, and older girls sleep in single study rooms.

Some of the oldest students sleep in Wyatt House, the very pleasant home of the school sixth form which is just a few yards from the main building. This accommodation comprises spacious single study rooms with wash basins and is fully supervised by a Housemother and senior staff. Here the girls have a little more independence.

Sheets and towels are changed weekly and a school laundry service for washing girls’ clothes is open six days a week.


External and boarding area doors are locked at all times but staff and girls have electronic cards which open them. There are late night internal and external security checks by school staff and a Security Guard patrols the grounds overnight. There are also a number of security cameras.

Rooms are fitted with safes to store small personal items.


Heathfield welcomes girls of all faiths or of none. We provide a prayer room and the kitchens can cater for some dietary requirements, including halal meat, or provide vegetarian meals.

Catholic girls are taken to Mass at a local church each Sunday if they wish to attend.

Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
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