International Summer School and Summer Camp for Girls

Heathfield Summer Camp

Heathfield School has run its own Summer Camp for girls since 1993. The extensive range of activities we offer are both fun and educational. They include art, craft, cookery, dance, drama, music, hair and beauty, floristry and photography as well as numerous field, racquet and water sports: a brilliant mix, whatever your daughter’s interests. Every week the girls put on a different exhibition or show.

The Best Camp on Planet Earth. It’s FAB!

Salma, 11

We were extremely grateful to have the opportunity to have both girls attend summer camp this year. I can’t say enough how much they loved every minute. There is so much to do and learn. Couldn’t be more impressed!

Julia, Mother of Skyla and Mariska

For enquiries about Heathfield Summer Camp courses please email fhzzrefpubby@urngusvryqfpubby.arg

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Day Camp
for girls aged 7 to 16

UK Day Camp

Day Camp runs Monday to Friday between 08.45 and 5.30.  Girls can stay for any period between one day and four weeks. Summer Campers move together in age groups through a varied daily programme which is fun and educational.

Lunch and refreshments at breaks are included. Early Morning supervision with breakfast is available from 08.00 and there is a Late Stay option until 6.30.

Boarding Camp
for girls aged 8 to 16

UK Boarding Camp

Boarding Camp runs from Sunday late afternoon until the following Saturday morning. Girls follow the daily programme and in the evenings they
join the international Summer School students for a different range of activities and trips.  Girls can stay from one to four weeks; on longer stays, weekend activities programmes are included.

Girls can also choose a combination of a week at Day Camp and a week at Boarding Camp.

Overseas Camp
for girls aged 8 to 16

Overseas Summer Camp

A limited number of places are available to girls living abroad; however, a high level of English fluency is required to attend the Overseas Summer Camp. Girls arrive and depart on Saturdays and airport transfers from and to Heathrow are included.

Girls aged 14 to 16 can also spend a week on English with Style, our culture, etiquette, fashion and well-being course.

Heathfield is unquestionably one my favourite times of the year. This is because of the incredible atmosphere all of the staff have managed to create. I have been attending Overseas Camp here for 5 years already and I intend to do so until I become a staff member. One of the great things about Heathfield is that you always make new friends every year no matter what. Heathfield impacted me so much that it made me go to main school for a whole year!

Adriana, 14, Spain


Since it finished last summer I have kept thinking about Heathfield. I’ve not experienced anything comparable to it anywhere else I have worked. It was a terrific way to spend the summer.

Georgina, activities staff member who joined in 2019


Heathfield School: the year-round school accepts girls as full and weekly boarders and day girls from age 11 to 18.
For further information please email nqzvffvbaf@urngusvryqfpubby.arg or visit the website HERE.